Best New Running Apps for iPhone and Android

Although our best running apps page still does a good job of highlighting the big players in the running app market, we have found that a lot of readers are tired of hearing about those guys and want to know about the best NEW running apps on the market today. Ask, and you shall receive! Below are the top 3 new apps we could find for 2012-2013. We went out of our way to avoid traditional route tracking apps since there are 1000 of those out there, and highlighted 3 unique running apps that we think our readers will enjoy.

Below are the Best New Running Apps of the year, based on cost, features, usability, community, and also UNIQUE features.  Note: Only iphone and android apps are considered at this time.

1. Running Club App (Free)

IPhone Only

Have you ever made plans to go on a run, but when the time comes, you end up putting it off? Hate running alone, but meeting up with friends entails setting aside even more time? Well, now you can run with friends from anywhere! If you’re looking for motivation and an easy way to keep running social, Running Club is your app. Created by Southdowns Interactive, the app acts as a “virtual running club” where users can run with their friends through a live interactive race. The app allows friends and family around the country--even the globe--to run together (who due to schedule or distance may not otherwise be able to meet in person).

Running Club ( has GPS technology that allows the app to map your run and provide live information about distance, pace, elapsed time, and position among your friends.  Through the "dot race" style GUI pictured below, you can actually run WITH your friends, or find new running partners around the country.  The social motiviation this provides is truely uniuqe and very satisftying, you must try a live group race to get the best experience with this app.

Motivation: Encourage the other participants in the activity before and after a run in the chat room. When you join an activity, you feel an obligation to follow through and run with your friends. It’s much harder to cop-out when friends hold you accountable!

Built-in Music Player: The built-in music player allows you to listen to and switch songs without having to close out of the app.

Map: GPS tracking shows you your route on a map and gives you distance and pace.

Social: Chat with your friends before and after runs, invite your friends to join, share your activities and results on Facebook and Twitter.

**March 2013 Update: The Running Club App just released a few great new features below**

Ghost-Race: Challenge yourself against your own best times. For example, run against your best 5 times.

Re-Race: Run against other people's past times. For example, your friends run yesterday and you can run against their times today.

Pace-Race: Run against a set pace. For example, and 8 minute mile.

Running Club Screen Shots
Running Club Screenshot 1
Running Club Screenshot 2
Running Club Screenshot 3

2. Zombies Run ($7.99)

iPhone, Google Play for Android, Windows Phone

Speaking of motivation, Zombies, Run! is an ultra-immersive running app for the iPhone, iPod Touch, Android and Windows Phone. Think RunKeeper, except with the sound of moaning zombies hot on your heels. The first version has 30 missions that each last about 20 to 30 minutes, in which runners are motivated to save a post-apocalyptic town from zombie invasion. Each mission gives a series of audio prompts that guide runners to save the town by gathering supplies, help others to safety, and run away from approaching zombies.You can set your own music playlists, and scary sounds of encroaching zombies pop in between tracks.

In Zombies, Run! (, GPS tracking offers distance tracking as well as pace. $8 per download is a little pricey; however, if you want to run but find exercise to be boring sometimes, then Zombies, Run! is the perfect app to keep you interested.

Run Anywhere: Zombies, Run! works at any location, at any speed. You can even use it on a treadmill!

Motivation and Fun: Creepy zombie noises encourage you to run faster, and the storyline keeps exercise interesting!

What to Look For: Zombies, Run! is planning future integration with RunKeeper. You will also be able hear audio notifications for time, distance, and pace during your run.

Zombies Run Screen Shots
Zombies Run Screenshot 1
Zombies Run Screenshot 2
Zombies Run Screenshot 3

3. RunIntoShape (Free)

iPhone, Android

Want to start get fit and start running but don’t know where to start? Follow blogger Carli on her journey from fat to fit with instant access to her latest blog posts, videos, Facebook posts and tweets. Her blog RunIntoShape provides a free 9 week Couch to 5K training program with voice prompts to tell you when to run and when to walk. Users are kept running and losing weight through motivational messages of inspiration and training tips sent directly through the app. Once users start running in 5Ks, they send their pics to be put on the 5K runner wall of fame!

The app is great for anyone interested in starting to run, losing weight, or both! It features a run log, messages from Carli, the newsletter, fan wall, 5k wall of fame, and instant access to Carli’s pictures, YouTube account, Twitter, Facebook, and blog.

Track Your Progress: The run log allows you to record and include notes about your running activities.

Stay Motivated: Messages from Carli, the newsletter, YouTube videos, the 5K wall, and more encourage users to stay on track and not give up.

Get Fit: The blog offers free training plans for 5Ks and 10Ks. Also featured are blog posts with healthy meal and snack ideas.

RunIntoShape Screen Shots
Run Into Shape 1
Run Into Shape 2
Run Into Shape 3


Justin says:

Good article, keep em coming, lots more runnings apps out there...

# 12 September 2012
RunningMan says:
All cool apps, thanks for showing us something new!!!
# 29 March 2012
austin tx says:

i agree the first two running apps are innovative, zombies is a way too pricey though, and gets annoying fast.

# 1 October 2012